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Evolution Manager Game
Evobas is the evolutionary path of the species.

The game part of the state that were little more than "Slugs", so our duty is to "guide" our "creatures" to achieve traveling on the different stages of evolution.

Initially modify its genetic code, a leg? Better two? or maybe ... Ten ?. You need food and feed looking in times of abundance favor reproduction. You´ll have to take care of their kids! Depending on our body we favor the hunting of other species or avoid devour us.

Our "developmental skills", such as being a scavenger species or be able to become invisible, "facilitate" our survival. When our species reaches a certain degree of brain activity we can relate to other creatures either trading, struggling for food and even plotting war or peace treaties.

By establishing an "advanced" social culture we can be called "civilized" and thus new paths to explore.
What if we lead the world´s technological development? Or maybe you prefer to dominate the world? Better organize the Olympics?

Once settled on our planet as an "empire" consolidated, we must ask ourselves the exploration of new worlds, what the space race start!

Create your own specie!